Interactive Whiteboards

Hi All,

In my prep classroom I have been using the Interacting Whiteboard (IWB) in a lot of my lessons. I have used the IWB on previous professional experiences but never really felt that I fully understood how to use them.  Since using one every day on this placement my confidence with using an IWB has grown immensely.  I generally use the IWB for introducing and concluding lessons, playing songs that help students with number, letters and sounds and for videos during brain break (I try to make sure that these are educational.  I love using IWBs in the classroom and think that it is a great way to ‘hook’ students in at the start of the lesson and to play educational games as a class.

Click here to watch a group of students engage with an Interactive Whiteboard!

Click here to read Paula’s blog about an Ipad for every student in her prac class!


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