Focusing on Finishing Off The Semester

Hi All,

Well, what a whirlwind of a semester it has been! I am almost finished my five weeks of prac (with two make up days to complete this coming week) and then I have 3 assignments and an exam left! It’s going to be a crazy week as I am hoping to get all three assignments finished before I go to Sydney to see my brother graduate from the recruitment stage of the navy!

I am definitely coming down with something but I am trying hard to push through it and keep studying… Looks like I’ll be needing bucket loads of caffeine and a hell of a lot more motivation than usual!

Here is a link to a video about The Basilisk lizard that I watched with my class whilst we researched Lizards and planned a holiday for our own ‘lizards’ whilst I was on professional experience.  It cracked both myself and the class up.  Hopefully it can provide you with a laugh too!

Good luck to everyone on finishing off their semester on a positive note!


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