Counting with Pirates!

Hi All,

One of my favourite lessons that I have done with my students was a maths lesson focusing on counting.  As a warm up, the students and I sang along to two counting videos on the interactive whiteboard (IWB) firstly we counted from 1 – 20 and then we counted backwards from 20 – 1.  After this I introduced the students to a pirate counting warm up where they had to count a certain numbers of objects in the image e.g. How many pirates are on the ship? Then, I divided the students into 4 teams and introduced them to an online pirate board game where students had to click on the dice to roll it, watch the pirate ship move and answer a math question when the pirate ship stopped on a space.  I incorporated this online board game with Pop Up Pirate, a game where swords are pushed into the pirates barrel until the pirate pops out of the barrel. When students answered a question correctly on the IWB game they got to put a sword in the barrel, if they made the pirate pop they got to collect a gold pirate coin for their team!

The kids loved this game and it was a great way to incorporate the IWB into a whole class counting activity!




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