My Digital Footprint

Hi All,

Just wanted to talk a little about my ‘digital footprint’. I am almost 21 and like most people my age I have a Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat account.  As a person who has always worked with children (In kindy’s, day care centers, before and after school care and vacation care) I have always been super conscious of what I post online.  As I read in one of the EDC3100 learning paths a digital footprint can be defined as ‘ What people will find if they “google” you’.  As a kindergarten assistant and pre-service educator I am well aware that co-workers, future and current employers, parents, mentors, school principals and possibly even some students could be googling my name and finding out information about me.  Although thinking about this makes me feel a little uncomfortable I am confident that there is nothing ‘bad’ or ‘inappropriate’ that can be found.  I am constantly checking my privacy settings on social networking accounts and when I make posts on sites such as facebook I always ask myself if I would be happy for an employer/ parent/ student etc. to read it.  If not, which is rarely the case, I don’t post it.

Click here to view a video to gain some insight into a ‘digital footprint’.

One of my fellow students wrote an interesting blog post about having the ‘location services’ switched on on your smart phone/ tablet etc.  She states how scary it is to have tools such as this online and worries about the implications of something as simple as sharing a picture of her children online. Click here to read it now.


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