Reflecting On My ICT & Pedagogy Course

Hi All,

It’s finally coming to an end, this is officially my final blog post that I am required to write for my course!

Although there have been a lot of pro’s to keeping a blog such as reading about other students experiences and knowing that other students studying the course have felt the same way that I have at times I have also felt like completing the blogs and learning paths has been quite time consuming considering that I am studying 3 other courses as well as this one.  Oh well, I suppose it’s all a part of juggling life and study…

I have learnt a lot in this course and am excited to see what the future holds for ICTS in the classroom.  I think there are a lot of benefits to implementing ICTS into teaching and learning and being quite young myself (almost 21) I don’t find using ICTS difficult as it is what I have grown up with.

Anyway, overall I have learnt a lot and know that when I have my own class I will strive to implement the effective use of ICTS into my pedagogy.

That’s all folks!



Reflecting on Prac…

Hi all,

Just going to write a quick reflection on my prac.  I have two days left and I am sad that my 5 week placement has finally come to an end… I have enjoyed every second with my little preppies and my mentor even invited me back to do my internship with her which I am over the moon about!

I had the best prac experience yet.  I formed positive relationships with my mentor and other teachers, the parents and most importantly, the students!  I felt like a real part of the team and for the first time I felt like a real teacher.  I cannot wait to go back for my internship in October and I think I will even volunteer once a week leading up to it… teaching prep is something I am truly passionate about and I would love to have the opportunity to be a REAL prep teacher next year!

Finally feel like everything I’ve learnt over the last three and a half years is coming together and I’m loving it!

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Approaching Assignment Three

Hello again,

I just did a happy dance because I have finally completed all of the learning paths for the entire course! Woohoo! And this is my second last blog post ever, thank goodness!

So now that I’ve almost got Part A of the assignment out of the way I can focus on the more important bits… I think I will tackle Part C first (the lesson plans) and put most of my energy into Parts B and C.

I used the Excel spreadsheet in the Week 15 learning path to work out where I’m sitting with my marks and I am aiming to get a HD overall for the course which is currently looking pretty manageable.  Finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel… I finish my degree in less than 6 months!

Focusing on Finishing Off The Semester

Hi All,

Well, what a whirlwind of a semester it has been! I am almost finished my five weeks of prac (with two make up days to complete this coming week) and then I have 3 assignments and an exam left! It’s going to be a crazy week as I am hoping to get all three assignments finished before I go to Sydney to see my brother graduate from the recruitment stage of the navy!

I am definitely coming down with something but I am trying hard to push through it and keep studying… Looks like I’ll be needing bucket loads of caffeine and a hell of a lot more motivation than usual!

Here is a link to a video about The Basilisk lizard that I watched with my class whilst we researched Lizards and planned a holiday for our own ‘lizards’ whilst I was on professional experience.  It cracked both myself and the class up.  Hopefully it can provide you with a laugh too!

Good luck to everyone on finishing off their semester on a positive note!

Counting with Pirates!

Hi All,

One of my favourite lessons that I have done with my students was a maths lesson focusing on counting.  As a warm up, the students and I sang along to two counting videos on the interactive whiteboard (IWB) firstly we counted from 1 – 20 and then we counted backwards from 20 – 1.  After this I introduced the students to a pirate counting warm up where they had to count a certain numbers of objects in the image e.g. How many pirates are on the ship? Then, I divided the students into 4 teams and introduced them to an online pirate board game where students had to click on the dice to roll it, watch the pirate ship move and answer a math question when the pirate ship stopped on a space.  I incorporated this online board game with Pop Up Pirate, a game where swords are pushed into the pirates barrel until the pirate pops out of the barrel. When students answered a question correctly on the IWB game they got to put a sword in the barrel, if they made the pirate pop they got to collect a gold pirate coin for their team!

The kids loved this game and it was a great way to incorporate the IWB into a whole class counting activity!



Interactive Whiteboards

Hi All,

In my prep classroom I have been using the Interacting Whiteboard (IWB) in a lot of my lessons. I have used the IWB on previous professional experiences but never really felt that I fully understood how to use them.  Since using one every day on this placement my confidence with using an IWB has grown immensely.  I generally use the IWB for introducing and concluding lessons, playing songs that help students with number, letters and sounds and for videos during brain break (I try to make sure that these are educational.  I love using IWBs in the classroom and think that it is a great way to ‘hook’ students in at the start of the lesson and to play educational games as a class.

Click here to watch a group of students engage with an Interactive Whiteboard!

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The CLEM Framework

One of the learning paths for Week 11 discusses the CLEM framework and Interactive Whiteboards (IWB).  According to the learning path the CLEM framework is implemented to help pre-service and registered teachers to identify and use ICTS that will both amplify and transform teaching and learning.

I think it is crucial for educators to both explore and reflect on ICTS before they are implemented into teaching and learning.  Educators need to reflect upon the RAT framework and ensure that they are not just using ICTS at the replacement phase of the framework.  Educators need to ensure that ICTS are amplifying and transforming student learning with the ICTS used in the classroom.

But how can we ensure that we are doing this? Perhaps the CLEM framework can help here…

Click here to view a video about how ICTS are changing the way students learn.

My Digital Footprint

Hi All,

Just wanted to talk a little about my ‘digital footprint’. I am almost 21 and like most people my age I have a Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat account.  As a person who has always worked with children (In kindy’s, day care centers, before and after school care and vacation care) I have always been super conscious of what I post online.  As I read in one of the EDC3100 learning paths a digital footprint can be defined as ‘ What people will find if they “google” you’.  As a kindergarten assistant and pre-service educator I am well aware that co-workers, future and current employers, parents, mentors, school principals and possibly even some students could be googling my name and finding out information about me.  Although thinking about this makes me feel a little uncomfortable I am confident that there is nothing ‘bad’ or ‘inappropriate’ that can be found.  I am constantly checking my privacy settings on social networking accounts and when I make posts on sites such as facebook I always ask myself if I would be happy for an employer/ parent/ student etc. to read it.  If not, which is rarely the case, I don’t post it.

Click here to view a video to gain some insight into a ‘digital footprint’.

One of my fellow students wrote an interesting blog post about having the ‘location services’ switched on on your smart phone/ tablet etc.  She states how scary it is to have tools such as this online and worries about the implications of something as simple as sharing a picture of her children online. Click here to read it now.


Hi All,

For our ICT course we have been asked to complete four modules on a website called Connect.ed.  This website aims to help teachers understand:

  • The online experiences of our students
  • What motivates our students to go online
  • The risks and pressure associated with being online and;
  • Some ideas as to how we as teachers can help our students

I don’t really have a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment with finishing off assignments for the semester, preparing for an exam and finishing my professional experience.  Hopefully the modules don’t take too long, I am already stressed out enough!

Click here to read more about Connect.ed

Click here to read an interesting post by one of my fellow students about our ‘online presence’ as teachers.

Professional Experience

Hi All,

As I am exempt from the EDC3100 professional experience I have been completing a 25 day professional experience for one of my 4th year early childhood courses.  I have two days to go and have loved every second of teaching prep in a local primary school.  Even though I am not doing my ICT prac I have still incorporated ICTS into a lot of the teaching and learning that has occurred.  For example, I have incorporated the use of Ipads into literacy and fine motor rotations and I have used the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) in a lot of my lessons, particularly when introducing a new topic or practicing counting as well as letters and sounds.  The school I am at incorporates Letterland into their program to teach letters and sounds.

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