Augmented Reality

Whilst volunteering in my mum’s prep classroom this week I had the opportunity to introduce the students to an awesome app called Augmented Reality (AR) which assisted them in practicing their initial sounds as well as being great fun using the Ipads!

AR is available on smartphones and devices and allows the user to bring books, drawings, flashcards and more to life!  It is a fantastic tool and serves multiple purposes including education.

I used a flashcard AR app which allowed me to download and print flashcards for the letters A-Z.  Each flashcard had a picture of a different animal.  I held up my flashcards for the class to see and told them that they were magic cards! The students were intrigued and I laughed as twenty five little voices piped up asking ‘Why?’ and ‘How are they magic?’

I selected a card, ‘What letter is this?’ the students eagerly told me the name of the letter and the sound that it made.  ‘That’s right, now watch this!’  I opened the AR app on my Ipad and held the card behind it so that the camera could scan the image.  The students watched carefully and all of a sudden the animal on that card jumped out and appeared in 3D on the Ipad! The students thought that this was awesome, ‘Woah! It’s a lion!’. We went through the alphabet practicing the name of each letter and the sound it makes before I showed them the 3D image using the AR app.  This was a great experience for all involved and I think I will definitely be using those ‘magic cards’ again!

Click here to watch a video of a child using AR to practice letter recognition, you will be amazed!


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