Hello Kitty Visited Where?!

Hi all,

Today as I was going through my course work I came across an awesome video.  In the video a Grade 7 girl had completed a science project using a range of different technologies.  The short video displays each stage of the young girls project.

Her aim was to send her Hello Kitty Doll into space.  In order to do this she created a rocket ship.  Some of the devices attached to the rocket ship included four Go Pro cameras to film Hello Kitty’s journey, a GPS tracking device in order to be able to track Hello Kitty’s journey and to find her when she falls back down to earth and various devices measuring the temperature and altitude of the rocket ship throughout the adventure.

I was truly amazed at the efforts this young girl had gone to in order to send Hello Kitty into space!  This is a perfect example of embedding ICTS in education.  Furthermore, this video also demonstrates the level at which students engage in their learning when technology is involved!

Click here to see the video now!

Thanks, Bree 🙂


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